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摘要: 阳光沙滩大海冲浪--夏威夷  MOST PEOPLE APPRECIATE MICHAEL JORDAN as a premier athlete who can run fast, jump high and routinely deliver in the clutch. To them, he's simply physically superior to hi . ...

  MOST PEOPLE APPRECIATE[1] MICHAEL JORDAN as a premier[2] athlete who can run fast, jump high and routinely deliver in the clutch[3]. To them, he's simply physically superior[4] to his contemporaries.


  APPRECIATE[1].ap-=ad=+preciate  vt, vi鉴赏;欣赏;赏识A sensitive mouth is necessary to appreciate good wine.品尝好酒需要敏感的嘴。

  premier[2].adj 首要的clutch[3].(pl) 控制;掌握;权力in the clutches of the enemy 落入敌手superior[4].来自拉丁词 superus 的比较级 superior(常与to连用)地位高的

  All this is true, but there are other truths about Michael that are not so easily seen: his understanding of team concepts, his competitive drive[1] and his compassion. It's these hidden truths that form the deepest bond between Michael and me.


  drive[1].干劲;动力He's clever but he won't succeed beause he lacks drive.他聪明是聪明,可是没有干劲,做事不会成功。

  I must confess[1] to being spoiled by Michael's leadership and by his ability to rise to every competitive occasion. He could easily average around 30 points a game, but he's committed to team goals and to making his teammates more effective.


  confess[1].v.(与to连用)承认I confess to being considering starting a new project.我承认我正在考虑筹建一个新项目。

  After coaching him for eight seasons, I still marvel[1] at how much Michael's enthusiasm[2] energizes us, even at practice. I mean he never takes a day off. As a player, I had only modest skills, so I always had to operate at a maximum effort to compete. His work ethic is an important personal bond between us.


  marvel[1].v.(与at, that连用)对…感到惊奇We marvelled at his skill.我们对他的技艺深感。

  enthusiasm[2].n. 狂热, 热心, 积极性, 激发热情的事物

  The one thing about Michael is, he takes nothing about his game for granted. When he first came to the NBA back in 1984, he was primarily a penetrator. His outside shooting wasn't up to pro[1] standards. So he put in his gym time during the off-season, shooting hundreds of shots each day. Eventually, he became a deadly three-point shooter.



  Playing outstanding[1] defense didn't come automatically to him, either. He had to study his opponents, learn their favorite moves and then dedicate himself to learning the techniques necessary to stop them. He's worked extremely hard to perfect his footwork and his balance.


  outstanding[1].n. out-出stand站+-ing…的:“站出来的”→ adj 杰出的;著名的

  White House白宫


  One of the most recognizable[1] structures in the world, one can 't say they're been to Washington D.C. until they have seen the White House. The home of the leader of the free world is open to the public five days a week from 10 – noon.

  Originally known as the Executive Mansion[2], construction of the White House began in 1792 under the direction of George Washington. The structure was not completed until 1800, so ironically[3] Washington is the only President not to live there.

  The executive mansion was torched by British troops in 1814, during the War of 1812. The structural damage caused by the fire was repaired but the exterior sandstone walls were still black with fire damage. The walls were then painted white, giving birth to the nick name "The White House". An act of Congress made this the official name in 1902.

  Every President has left his mark upon the White House. Thomas Jefferson added terraces to the east and west wings, Andrew Jackson installed running water, and Harry Truman added a porch. Bill Clinton's addition to the White House was an indoor-running track(Used to relieve tension and cheeseburgers)。

  In order to visit the White House, you must first pick up a free ticket from the White House Visitor Center located at 1450 Pennsylvania Ave. During the height of tourist season, tickets are nearly impossible to get. Get in line by 7AM (the facility opens at 7:30) and you might have a chance. Ignore the scalpers that are selling free tickets.

  Guided tours can be arranged by contacting your representative or senator. Be on the look-out for Wolf Blitzer or other famous White House correspondents. Due to recent developments in the news, the number of reporters that usually surround the White house have swelled dramatically.

  The White House tour probably ranks high on a visitor's list of things to do while in Washington D.C., but the process to get tickets will definitely test your determination. The White House is open Tues. – Sat. from 10 AM – Noon, but you need to get one of the free tickets for admittance. Herein lies the problem, because tickets for that day's' tours can only be picked up at the White House Visitors Center and they run out very quickly. Although the center opens at 7:30 AM, the line to get tickets starts to form sometime around five. Therefore most people have to be satisfied with seeing only the exterior of the White House. The Visitors Center has nice displays on the history of the White House to mollify the disappointed visitors who couldn't get tickets. Don't expect to get tickets for the tour if you arrive after 9 AM.

  If you are lucky enough to get tickets, they will be stamped with the departure time of your tour. Bleachers have been set up on the Ellipse so visitors can sit until the tour staff collects them. The twenty minute tour consists of five rooms: The East Room, Green Room, Blue Room, Red Room and the State Dining Room.

  The President's Garden

  The lovely White House gardens of today and those that preceded[4] them are the theme of the President's Garden organized by the White House Historical Association, the White House Curator's Office, and the Superintendent of the Grounds fo rthe White House in cooperation with the National Park Service. The exhibit traces the history of the White House grounds from the 1790's to the present day and displays more than 60 historic black and white and color photographs, paintings, documents and other illustrations from the past and present.

  White House Visitor Center, 1450 Pennsylvania Ave., NW. Open daily from 7:30am to 4pm. For more information cal the National Park Service at (202) 619-6350.


  [1]recognizable adj. 可认识的

  [2]Mansion n.官邸, 公寓

  [3]ironically adv. 说反话地, 讽刺地

  [4]precede v. 领先(于), 在……之前


  The Hawaii of Your Imagination Still Exists: And it's available right now…… in Hawaii.

  For most of us, Hawaii begins to weave[1] her spell with some little glimmer of awareness. A friend describes a sunset off Waikiki. We hear the twang of a steel guitar. Or we open a magazine and there it is…… Golden beaches and golden people. Sun, sand, sea, and surf…… And somewhere between the blue skies and the palm trees…… we're hooked[2].

  The Hawaiian Islands are one of the most beautiful places on earth. The weather is friendly. The temperature ranges from 60-90 degrees all year long. It's a little warmer in summer, and a little cooler in winter, but every day is a beach day for somebody.

  The environment is friendly. The physical beauty of Hawaii is almost unparalleled[3]. Majestic mountains were created millions of years ago by volcanic activity that thrust these islands three miles from the ocean floor. Wave action across endless eons of time created coral reefs, and then battered [4] and broke them to create miles of white sand beach. Our position at the center of the Pacific ensured that almost every plant and animal who would find a home here would come as an invited guest.

  There are no strangers in Paradise[5]. Perhaps the most beautiful part of Hawaii is the genuine warmth of our people. We call it the spirit of Aloha. It has allowed a melting pot of cultures from all over the world to find common ground, and a new home, in this most gentle of places.

  A local gal enjoying the sand and sun on one of Hawaii's many beautiful beaches.


  [1]weave vt. 编织, 组合

  [2]hook v. 钩住, 沉迷

  [3]unparallel adj. 无比的,空前的

  [4]batter v. 打坏, 猛击

  [5]paradise n. 天堂








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