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A young Chinese-US company backed by internet group Tencent and two mainland media firms is to buy control of IM Global, a Hollywood film and TV studio.

一家创办不久、受到互联网集团腾讯(Tencent)和两家中国媒体公司支持的中美公司,将要买下好莱坞影视制片公司IM Global的控股权。

Tang Media Partners, created by Donald Tang, a businessman, has joined CMC and Huayi Brothers to buy the studio from the Reliance group of Anil Ambani, the Indian businessman.

Tang Media Partners是由商人唐伟(Donald Tang)创建的,该公司与CMC和华谊兄弟(Huayi Brothers)联手,拟从印度商人安尼尔•安巴尼(Anil Ambani)旗下的信实集团(Reliance group)收购上述制片公司。

Mr Tang, a former head of Bear Stearns in Asia, is also partnering with IM Global and Tencent to form a TV joint venture that will include Reliance and produce and distribute television content.

曾经是贝尔斯登(Bear Stearns)亚洲区掌门人的唐伟,还将与IM Global和腾讯合作,组建一家合资的电视公司制作发行电视内容,信实也将参与。

The two IM Global transactions, with a combined value of about $200m, come as China’s internet and media companies jockey to acquire Hollywood assets. Both Tencent and its local rival Alibaba are increasingly interested in producing content for its platforms.

这两笔总价值约2亿美元的涉及IM Global的交易达成之际,中国互联网和媒体公司正竞相收购好莱坞资产。腾讯和其本土竞争对手阿里巴巴(Alibaba)都对为自己的平台制作内容越来越感兴趣。

This year Dalian Wanda paid $3.5bn for a controlling stake in Legendary Entertainment, the Hollywood maker of the hit films Godzilla and Jurassic World. In 2014 Hony Capital, the Chinese private equity group, and TPG Capital, a US peer, invested in the STX Entertainment Hollywood studio.

今年,大连万达(Dalian Wanda)斥资35亿美元购得好莱坞制片公司传奇娱乐(Legendary Entertainment)的控股权,后者曾出品《哥斯拉》(Godzilla)和《侏罗纪世界》(Jurassic World)等卖座大片。2014年,中国私人股本集团弘毅投资(Hony Capital)联手美国同行TPG Capital,投资于好莱坞制片商STX娱乐(STX Entertainment)。

Taking advantage of the growing two-way flows between Hollywood and emerging markets, such as the Chinese and Bollywood markets, IM Global operates a Beijing office and has handled the foreign distribution of hits in China such as The Mermaid. Stuart Ford, who founded IM Global in 2007, will stay on as chief executive.

IM Global在北京有一个办事处,经手中国大片如《美人鱼》在海外的发行,充分利用好莱坞和新兴市场(如中国和印度宝莱坞市场)之间不断发展的双向流动。2007年创立IM Global的斯图尔特•福特(Stuart Ford)将继续担任首席执行官。

If the partnership is successful, the China unit could be spun off, said people involved in the transaction.


Mr Tang, who lives in Los Angeles but is originally from Shanghai, has a history of working on Chinese deals in the US entertainment sector. In 2012 he advised Apollo, the private equity firm, and AMC, its portfolio company, on Dalian Wanda’s $2.6bn purchase of AMC’s film theatre chain.


“To use the China angle to make an investment in a US company is attractive,” said Neil Shen, managing partner of venture capital firm Sequoia Capital China. “You need credibility and connections, and Donald has both.”

“利用中国角度对一家美国公司进行投资是有吸引力的,”风险投资公司红杉资本中国基金(Sequoia Capital China)管理合伙人沈南鹏(Neil Shen)表示。“你需要信誉和人脉,而唐伟具备这两者。”

Mr Tang said: “Content will always be king, but international distribution is increasingly important to both Hollywood and China.” Hollywood studios had long relied on international box office receipts, he added.


James Fong, chief executive of Oriental DreamWorks, told the Milken Global conference in Los Angeles that box office receipts in China — worth $6.8bn in 2015 — would soon overtake those in the US, which were $11bn in North America over the period.

东方梦工厂(Oriental DreamWorks)首席执行官方淦(James Fong)在洛杉矶举行的Milken Global会议上表示,2015年中国票房收入总计68亿美元,很快将赶上美国;2015年北美票房收入为110亿美元。

China’s growing role in Hollywood is likely to result in changes in the way films are marketed, given the expense involved, said Mr Tang.


“China is very cost-conscious and far more digitally oriented than the US. It relies much more on social and digital media to promote films,” he said. “There is much that Hollywood can learn from China.”


China is eager to acquire Hollywood know-how, especially since Beijing regulates the number of foreign films that can be shown in the country. But under World Trade Organization rules, the quota system is supposed to end next year, meaning greater competition for local films.


“In addition to providing additional capital for its film and television production and financing activities, the transaction gives the studio an impressive circle of strategic and financial partners to facilitate further corporate growth,” Mr Ford said in a statement.



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